Chainfire's FlashFire is a very handy tool for anyone who likes to flash their phone. Provided the device is rooted, it enables the flashing of OTA files, ZIPs, and full firmware packages, all without needing a custom recovery. Previously, the app had been available in Google Play's beta program, but as of version 0.50, it is now open to all.

  • Fix compatibility with N Preview 3 (in used libraries)
  • Added 'Restore from ADB' option to 'No backups found' dialog
  • NP3: Work around ART crash
  • NPx: Work around 'adb restore' bug by using 'adb push' instead
  • 4.2: Fix StatFs crash
  • ADB: Authorize all connections
  • ADB: Fix restoring not doing anything on some devices
  • Force 'clear cache' option to show UI
  • Include filesize in cache validation
  • (Temporarily?) Switched back to single-threaded lz4 implementation due to the multi-threaded version occasionally segfaulting
  • Add choice for visiting either FlashFire's website or the XDA thread when tapping the top card

Screenshot_20160603-110757 Screenshot_20160603-110359 Screenshot_20160603-110841

Chainfire notes in his Google+ post announcing FlashFire's general availability that this does not mean the app itself is out of beta. It simply means it is available to everyone, and not just beta testers. Chainfire also notes that this does not mean the app is not dangerous (it is, incredibly so) or feature complete.

The new version of FlashFire works on the N Preview, with all the issues being fixed, plus fixes and improvements for adb and other bugs. In addition, the Android developer has created a website for FlashFire, guiding users on how to use the app - a manual of sorts, if you like.

The app is available for download on the Play Store now, and a Pro version to support Chainfire is available as an in-app purchase. Also make sure to read the provided in-app instructions and the website before flashing anything.

[root] FlashFire
[root] FlashFire
Developer: Chainfire
Price: Free+