Google+ is hitting v8.0. But don't let this major version jump trick you into thinking that you should expect big changes in the app. It's still the same Google+ you've grown to know since it was last redesigned, but with a few small changes here and there. Even Google's own Luke Wroblewski is quick to downplay the modifications.

So what should you expect in version 8.0? The usual fixes and general improvements along with three new features. First, you'll start to see a prompt to make a new post at the top of your home feed, encouraging you to contribute your own musings to the site. Second, when reporting posts, you'll be asked to provide an explanation for the report, which should help the team understand the reason behind your action. And third, the option to send feedback and get some help about the app is now easily accessible in the side menu.

* 8 bugs fixed
* 5 accessibility issues addressed
* Ability to make a post from top of home stream
* Help & Feedback in main menu
* QUIC to improve latency for slow networks (2G, 3G)
* Provide additional details when reporting abuse on posts. (I recognize this adds an additional tap or two but the added information we collect helps us ensure G+ remains a great place to connect around shared interests.)

Luke says that these changes are starting to roll out so don't worry if you have the app but don't see them just yet. You can speed up the process by grabbing the correct version 8.0 of Google+ from APK Mirror or wait until it updates through the Play Store.

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