Depending on who you ask, Amazon's Fire series might just be the most popular Android tablets on the planet. They're certainly up there, thanks to an extremely low entry price and some pretty decent media tie-ins with Amazon's various platforms, the lack of Google Play access notwithstanding. The value at the high end of the range isn't bad either, and Amazon just made it a little better: the big daddy Fire 10 HD now has a 64GB option, and it's available for under $300.

$289.99 to be exact, and remember that's with the still-kinda-bullshit "Special Offers" lock screen advertising, which can be removed at purchase or anytime after for fifteen bucks. But strangely, the new capacity also comes with a new body. This one's "Silver Aluminum," and presumably that means that it's silver-colored aluminum, not aluminum-colored silver. Aluminum is the only color (or should I say material) option for the new larger capacity - black and white plastic either aren't being made in the larger size or simply aren't available at launch.


Aside from the bigger storage space and the spiffy new back, this is the same Fire HD 10 that's been around for the better part of a year: 10.1 1280x1800 screen, 1.5GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, one lonely little gigabyte of RAM, a 5MP rear camera, and Amazon's Fire OS, which at present is based on Android Lollipop code. Sure the specs aren't mind-blowing, but getting a 10-inch, 64GB tablet for under $300 still isn't bad, especially if you're already invested in Amazon's media.