Are you there WordPress? It's me, Michael. Look, I've been trudging through your serviceable interface on seven different websites, day in and day out, for half a decade now. And while I think that it's really cool that you're adding the ability to update my Gravatar icon from the mobile app, we need to have a serious discussion about your image tools. Specifically, about the mind-numbing, head-bashing, eye-gouging awfulness of your image tools. No? We're going to talk about passwords instead? Ugh. Fine.

In addition to the Gravatar improvement mentioned above (tap your profile image on the "Me" screen to update it with a file or a new photo), WordPress for Android 5.4 now includes access to Google's Smart Lock password system. That's the one where you can input your password once in an app, associate it with your Google account, then automatically log in to subsequent sessions of the app on your current device or any other Android gadget connected to your Google account. It's incredibly handy if you use an app constantly on different flavors of Android. Like, say, for your job. Unfortunately I can't get it to work with Android Police's self-hosted instance of WordPress... which makes sense. I'm guessing it only works with centralized accounts from Users can still log into self-hosted sites, but they won't get Smart Lock support.

The only other addition in the changelog is the removal of "a few bugs and wonky display issues" in the Reader and Comment views. The latest version of the app appears to be going out to everyone now, so there's no need to hunt down an APK.