Koush has really kicked Vysor development into high gear after MPEG-LA came calling to demand its pound of flesh, and that's good for anyone who needs to manage a mess of test devices. Vysor now has a Share All feature, which makes it a snap to set up a device farm for testing. Yes, this is part of the paid version of the app, but it's cheaper than enterprise plans at a cloud testing service.

With Share All, you can grant access to multiple shared devices to an entire team. The connected devices have remote ADB access, as well as standard screen mirroring and touch events. In the example above, Vysor can see a device connected locally to the machine (an HTC One), but it's actually mirroring a Nexus 7 that's part of the remote device farm.

You can try Vysor for free if all you need is low-quality mirroring and screenshots via USB. The new Share All feature along with high-quality mirroring, full screen, and more are part of the pro plan for $1.99/month or $9.99/year.