Wow, there have been a lot of 8-inch LG tablets. There was the original LG G Pad 8.3, with various carrier and Google Play variants. The G Pad II came in both 8.0 and more premium 8.3 varieties. Then there's the G Pad F 8.0 on AT&T and T-Mobile, plus the G Pad X 8.3 on Wi-Fi and Verizon. All of them have some considerable variations in specs and features (LG can't seem to decide whether it likes styli and full-sized USB ports or not), but the G Pad X 8.0 is the one coming to T-Mobile today. Try to keep them straight.

The G Pad X 8.0, as leaked earlier this year by Venture Beat, is a fairly standard mid-range and mid-sized tablet. It has a full 1920x1200 LCD display (which isn't a given at this size or price), underneath which can be found a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. T-Mobile doesn't say which model it is, but the octa-core architecture and speed make me think it's a 600-series. RAM and ROM are somewhat disappointing at 2GB and 16GB, respectively, but users can augment the storage with a MicroSD card slot. Cameras on both sides are 5MP, and while a 7.8mm profile doesn't make it the slimmest thing around, it's not exactly chunky either. There aren't any weird extras in the gold-on-white chassis, but it does use virtual nav buttons like the good Lord intended.

The best part is probably the software, which is 6.0.1 out of the box... something else that isn't a given, even today. T-Mobile will sell you one for $239.99 outright, or ten bucks a month for two years with the usual interest-free payment setup. It's available online now.