Reddit apps are a hugely popular type of app in the Play Store - from Relay to Slide, reddit is fun to the official reddit app, there's one for every use-case. Today one of the most downloaded reddit apps, Sync for Reddit, is getting a huge update to version 11, bringing a full material redesign that has been written from the ground up. The update has been available in an alpha format since January, but this is the first release to anyone who uses the app.


  • This is it, the big one!
  • Material animations & transitions
  • Automatic subreddit theming
  • Automatic comment caching
  • Inline link previews, no more risky clicks!
  • Full height images
  • Preview support for just about every type of link!
  • Quick toggle night mode
  • Chrome custom tabs and background preloading for super speedy browsing
  • An all new fancy image viewer
  • GIF playback controls
  • GIF zooming
  • Subreddit headers
  • Wiki support
  • Android M permissions
  • And much much more!

Screenshot_20160530-170824 Screenshot_20160530-171809 Screenshot_20160530-171914

Left:/r/android in all its glory. Middle: the all-new image viewer. Right: a themed subreddit (/r/wec).

Whereas before, the app simply used material design elements such as the app bar or cards, now it takes full advantage of them, with fantastic animation and transitions, per-subreddit theming, and on-demand permissions, which were introduced in Marshmallow.

The new features include an all-new image viewer - way, way better than the previous image viewer the app had - and utilisation of Chrome Custom Tabs, meaning things like passwords and website cookies are used in Sync for Reddit's internal browser. There are also GIF playback controls, useful if a GIF is particularly long, and automatic comment caching for when you're caught without an internet connection.

The app is available on the Play Store now, in a free or paid edition. There's also a thread on reddit (naturally) to discuss the update.

Sync for reddit
Sync for reddit
Developer: Red Apps LTD
Price: Free+

Sync for reddit (Pro)
Sync for reddit (Pro)
Developer: Red Apps LTD
Price: $3.99+
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