What if virtual reality was just reality, with a small asterisk? What if you could strap on your VR headset, regardless of the brand or technology behind it, and see the same thing that's in front of you... but mirrored? Or upside down? Or delayed by 2 seconds? Ha, what a novel idea!

VR Party Game does just that. It's a Cardboard app/game that transmits your smartphone's rear camera view onto the screen, but applies one of three special effects to confuse you. It can delay the view by 2 seconds, mirror it, or flip it upside down. The idea is to use it as a party game with friends, asking each other to complete a few tasks while wearing the Cardboard headset.

I can vouch for the novelty experience. I tried walking with it while in the delay mode and hit the wall before I knew I should stop. My advice is to walk at a nice pace for the best effect. If you do it slowly, the feed won't be too delayed compared to your movement.

The mirrored view is most effective when people talk around you. It's perplexing to hear someone's voice coming from the right while seeing them on your left. The upside down view is just bonkers for my brain. I wonder if someone can flip a pancake in that mode.

VR Party Game is just mindless fun and as such, you may find the price a little steep. The app costs $0.99 but that only gives you the delay and mirror modes. Upside down is another $0.99 IAP.

VR Party Game (Cardboard)
VR Party Game (Cardboard)
Developer: Visualcombat
Price: $0.99+