Sprint customers and adventurous types have an absolute steal on their hands with this one. For just $429, more than $100 below the next-best deal we've seen, you can get a new (Gold) Galaxy S7. Just make sure the details work for you.

These are Sprint devices that are GSM unlocked, meaning you can use them on any GSM carrier that you might want to. With that said, that wouldn't come without some challenges. This phone doesn't support the 17 LTE band, which is heavily relied upon by AT&T. And it won't support the HSPA+ service of T-Mobile, which could rule out a good experience with them.

Beyond compatibility, you should be aware that these are open-box devices. The seller, which has very high feedback ratings, warns that they will typically have only 10 or so months of the 1 year factory warranty remaining and could have "very light" signs of wear. You do still get all the OEM accessories, packaging, etc.

Sprint customers shouldn't have any problem with these phones. That is, they won't have a problem unless they dislike massive savings over the retail price. Follow the source link to check it out for yourself.