According to both Verizon and HTC's Mo Versi, owners of the HTC 10 will receive an OTA update starting on Friday. As seems to be tradition for HTC flagships, the early months are characterized by a flurry of camera refinements and this round seems no different.

Beyond those camera tweaks, the update aims to improve Wi-Fi connectivity and deal with some other unspecified bugs.


The version number this round is 1.19.605.22, which is apparently not comparable to other US and international models due to the number of differences that go along with making a phone work on Verizon. You also will likely need to stick with the OTA as HTC does not offer RUUs for Verizon devices.

Here's exactly what Verizon has to say about this update:

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update for your HTC 10. This update includes:

  • Camera performance improvements
  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements
  • Bug fixes

We can see the update is dated on Verizon's device list as 5/27. This jibes with what Mo Versi had to say on Twitter:

So there you have it. Start hitting that software update button tomorrow!