I'm going to be perfectly honest: I avoid Skype like the plague, because its Windows client is legendarily awful. I actually install it and immediately uninstall it every time I need to talk to someone who only uses Skype. Perhaps the Skype Windows developer team should accept a little help from the mobile side, because the latest release looks really good, especially on tablets. The Skype blog announced a revamped tablet user interface in version 7.0 of the Android app.

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about the revised UI, it just works in the way you'd expect it to work: the interface looks like a chat client (a la Hangouts or WhatsApp) for most of the time, with a contact list on the left and a conversation view on the right. The left panel can switch between a history view, contacts, and phone calls. Voice or video calls appear in a fullscreen window, just like they do on a phone. The Skype blog says that users can "flip" their tablet (which I assume means rotate) to open up a multi-paned UI during a call, but I can't get the app to do so using test numbers.

The changelog also says that the new version of Skype's search tool has been implemented. Version 7.0 seems to be available in the Play Store now, but if for some reason you can't access it, it's also been uploaded to APK Mirror.

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