Goat time for one more adventure? You've seen the buggy side of Goat Simulator, you've played through the zombie apocalypse in GoatZ, and you've simulated a simulator simulation or something inception'y of the sorts in MMO Simulator, now you have to get ready for one more adventure with your favorite animal and what's even better is that it takes place at the final frontier.

Yes, you herd me right. Waste of Space lets you headbutt people in space, which is inherently better than doing so on earth. There's asteroid and space shooting, space museums, black holes, space colony crowdfunding (that "CrowdKicker" logo does indeed remind me of something), 3D printing, bridge commanding,... whatever floats your goat basically.

The game costs $4.99 and promises the biggest map in Goat Simulator history — and probably better humor and much less horrible puns than the ones in this post. I'm just severely disappointed that I couldn't sneak in a "MotherSheep" anywhere in the text. Oh Rita, let it goat, let it goat.