Here's some news that seems to come right out of bizarro world: Huawei is suing Samsung for infringing its intellectual property. Chinese OEMs are known for playing fast and lose with patents and trademarks, but Huawei alleges that Samsung is ripping off its patents on LTE technology. Samsung has yet to respond, but its lawyers are surely preparing to return fire.

The lawsuit alleges that Samsung's devices are infringing as many as 11 of Huawei's patents. Huawei is best known to consumers as a maker of smartphones, but it also has a huge network equipment business and files more patents than you'd expect. Samsung is no slouch either, and is reportedly preparing a counter-suit based on its own extensive patent portfolio.

Cases like this usually take a long time to work out. At the end, someone will pay some money or there will be a cross-licensing deal (maybe both). For now, it's just an excuse for lawyers to generate more billable hours.