If you want to take in the sights and sounds of your destination while you vacation, Google and TripAdvisor have just the thing for you: playlists for popular travel spots on Play Music. And if you aren't yet a subscriber, those who download TripAdvisor now are eligible for a two-month free trial to Play Music's paid service.

To find a playlist, you don't have to do anything more than search for a city on TripAdvisor. A Play Music widget will appear with a music suggestion, if one exists.


Obviously, you can enjoy this feature even if your travel plans are more aspirational than realistic. While it's a neat little initiative, we're not blind to the fact that it seems to be just as much about getting you to download TripAdvisor as it is about enhancing your music experience.

With that said, unique playlists are still unique playlists. And even better, a two-month trial is a two-month trial no matter what the motivation.