The Raspberry Pi 3 appears to be on track to receive official AOSP support from Google. At least, that is the most obvious conclusion based on the fact that Google has created a code repository for it within the same directory that also includes the Nexus devices and generic source code.


The Raspberry Pi 3, the latest iteration of the cheap, simple, and small computer, is marketed as a device to promote more engagement with computer science and programming. It has also gained a great deal of support from DIY types, who have rigged them up for all manner of uses. Given the open source-centric nature of existing software for Raspberry Pi—nearly all operating systems available for the devices are open source and Linux-based—it makes good sense that Google would take the time to make Android run on them as well.

On the other hand, Google may not necessarily be working on getting Android to run on the device itself, but rather could be adding support for Android to interface with the Pi for other purposes.

The public repository was created 5 weeks ago, but Google hasn't yet released any code and there's no telling when they will. In any case, when it does come around it will make for a nice alternative for Raspberry Pi users and could, with some prodding from Google, get novice programmers using Android.