JayBird makes some of the best sport-focused Bluetooth headphones around, but they don't make them cheap. The X2 Sport model is normally $150 at retail, but Amazon has several different colors of them on sale today. The white version, and only the white version, is just $99 with free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers. The other colors are going for between $109 (black) and $134 (red), which is still a decent discount.

The X2 headphones come with six different sets of foam earbuds, three silicone fitting clips, a flat MicroUSB recharging cable (normal cables will work just fine), and a custom carrying case to keep it all together. The tether includes physical music controls for when your phone is out of reach, and the set includes a "lifetime warranty against sweat." JayBird claims that the headphones last for 8 hours of continuous music, which is pretty good for a set this size.

This is the lowest price we've seen yet on the X2 Sport, but discounts on JayBird hardware don't tend to last very long. Get an order in quickly if you'd like to take advantage of the low price.

The white Storm version is now $119, but Charge, Ice, and Midnight have all dipped to below ~$100, with Midnight as low as $92.95.