Android Pay replaced Google Wallet last year, and with that change came more integration with banks. That meant rewards would be processed on your Android Pay purchases (yay), but it also meant that banks had to actually support the platform (boo). Google just added a ton of new banks to the list of supported institutions on the Android Pay site, and one of them is Capital One. Finally.

Here's the full list of 48 new banks and credit unions.

  1. Advia Credit Union
  2. Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
  3. Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union
  4. Altra Federal Credit Union
  5. Amegy Bank
  6. Arsenal FCU
  7. Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
  8. Bank of England (England, Arkansas)
  9. Benchmark Federal Credit Union
  10. Blackhawk Community Credit Union
  11. California Bank & Trust
  12. Capital One
  13. Catholic and Community CU
  14. Centier Bank
  15. Citizens Bank & Trust Company
  16. Consumers Cooperative FCU
  17. dominion Credit Union
  18. Fidelity Bank
  19. First Atlantic CU
  20. First Community Credit Union
  21. Georgia Heritage FCU
  22. Great Lakes Credit Union
  23. Greater Iowa Credit Union
  24. Hiway Federal Credit Union
  25. Inova Federal Credit Union
  26. Justice Federal Credit Union
  27. KeyBank
  28. Lake Michigan Credit Union
  29. Marine Federal Credit Union
  30. MAX Credit Union
  31. Metro Health Services Federal Credit Union
  32. Mission Federal Credit Union
  33. Nasa Federal Credit Union
  34. National Bank of Arizona
  35. Nevada State Bank
  36. Numark Credit Union
  37. Nusenda Federal Credit Union
  38. Oregon Community Credit Union
  39. Richfield/Bloomington Credit Union (rbcu)
  40. San Mateo Credit Union
  41. Suncoast Federal Credit Union
  42. The Bank of Northwest Kansas
  43. Truwest Credit Union
  44. University Federal Credit Union
  45. Vectra Bank Colorado
  46. Vinton County National Bank
  47. Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union
  48. Zions Bank

Capital One was particularly annoying about this whole process. After being listed as "coming soon" last year when Pay launched, the bank went on to release its own mobile wallet app instead. Now, it's finally making good on the original commitment. Most of the other banks are regional, but there are still almost 50 of them.

lol just kidding

Google has updated its website to remove Capital One from the list. Good job trolling everyone, Google.