Checking remaining battery life is a task many of us have to do far more often than we like. In Android N, the experience is a tad different from what you may be accustomed to in Marshmallow.

Some of these changes are simply visual. The battery icon is no longer at the top of the notification dropdown when you slide down to see tiles. It's now a tile itself. And when you go into battery saver mode, you're no longer left with a non-dismissable notification icon, nor do you see a duplicate battery icon in the top left. Instead, a cross appears on the primary icon to indicate that the feature is on.

Screenshot_20160523-133201 Screenshot_20160523-133744 Screenshot_20160523-133233

Screenshot_20160523-133323 Screenshot_20160523-133518 Screenshot_20160523-133318

Above: Marshmallow, Below: Android N

Others changes are functional. Instead of having to go to Settings > Battery and looking for the Battery Saver option under the overflow menu, you can now turn the mode on and off from the dropdown menu. This is thanks to a new quick modal activity that shows some of the information that was previously buried in settings.

When you do visit battery settings, a battery saver option appears above the activity graph in Android N. You no longer have to dig into the overflow menu.

Screenshot_20160523-134348 Screenshot_20160523-134359

You do not need to be running the third Android N developer preview to see these changes. And as always, additional changes may take place before this release starts officially making its way to devices in the fall.