Honda offers Android Auto on the 2016 Civic and Accord, but the 2017 NSX will be the first vehicle from Honda's luxury brand, Acura.

David has provided an in-depth look at Android Auto on the Accord. His review also isn't a bad look at the car itself.

The NSX is a 2-seater sports car, strikingly different from a family-oriented sedan. It's aimed more at folks at the before or after stage of the whole kids-raising process. At either end, we're talking folks with money to burn. The vehicle starts at $156,000.

The idea of the NSX getting Android Auto started circulating on Reddit two months ago, when someone claiming to be an employee said the car would be running Android as its base operating system. We do not yet know whether that much is true.

For now, due to the wonders of alphabetical order, the 2017 NSX is currently the top vehicle on the Android Auto site. You can view the full list of supported models at the link below.