Spotify's Family Plan launched around 18 months ago, costing up to $29.99 for five members. While not outrageously expensive in the grand scheme of things, it was vastly overpriced compared to its chief competitors, Google Play Music and Apple Music, both of which charge $14.99 for six users on their Family Plans.

Consequently, Spotify has just adjusted the pricing to match Apple and Google – six users for $14.99. A member with an already-existing Spotify account can keep their playlists, saved items and recommendations, which is good, and the six people included on a Family Plan each get their own Spotify account with full Premium status.

I'm always amazed how cheap streaming Family Plans are, considering one premium account is $9.99. This is a big boost to families who already pay for a family plan, saving them up to half the money they currently put down every month. The new, reduced-cost Family Plan is available worldwide starting from now, although that excludes Canada. :sadface:

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