Pebble's fortunes have soured somewhat as more powerful wearable devices have hit the market, but now it's teasing a big announcement. On May 24th (tomorrow) at 10AM EDT, we'll get the details. What ever could it be? Since we're talking about Pebble, it could really only be a new version of the watch.

The last device launched by Pebble was the Time Round, and before that it was the Time. What could the next step be? The AP team has speculated on the following.

  • A triangular watch
  • An octagonal watch
  • Pebble goes 3D and makes a pyramidal watch
  • An old-timey pocket watch
  • Something that makes sense

My money is on the last one, although that pyramidal watch could be cool. Someone should Kickstart that. At any rate, Pebble is hyping tomorrow's announcement pretty hard. We'll just have to wait and see.