Jaybird has made some of the nicest Bluetooth earbuds you could buy in recent years with the X series. The Freedom wireless earbuds are designed to be an even more premium version of that product. These buds were announced back at CES in January with a more compact all-metal form factor, but that comes with an increased price. The Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth earbuds are now available for purchase at $199.95.

According to Jaybird, the Freedom earbuds have a new speaker design that reduces the diameter by 20% without sacrificing sound quality. Note, these are different than the older Freedom earbuds, which were budget-oriented. The smaller size should make them fit more snugly in the ear, which is important for sport earbuds. The Freedom earbuds are good for eight hours of battery life via a small clip-on mobile charger—an extended battery, I suppose. It's only four hours with the buds alone.


Jaybird also has an app for the earbuds, which was just released on the Play Store recently. It manages the connection to your earbuds, supports multiple pairs at once, and includes EQ settings. It looks like the Jaybird Freedoms are so far only available directly from Jaybird and at Best Buy. I'm sure they'll pop up on Amazon before too long as well.