Looking to get your head around the majority of the announcements at Google I/O? We've got a video for that. Our summary of all the announcements from the keynote and day one of the show will catch you up with the major happenings at I/O 2016, with our very own Mark Burstiner.

High-profile items this year were Google's new Home device, meant to compete with Amazon's Alexa, Allo, a new chat app, Android Wear 2.0, some substantial Android Auto updates, Android Instant Apps, Daydream VR, and Google Assistant - yet another advancement of Google's robust voice query AI. There were also some announcements around Tango, Ara, the Play Store on Chrome OS, Project Jacquard, and Soli, but we didn't get a chance to cover those in this video.

Some people out there are calling I/O 2016 a bit "boring," and I don't think that's exactly fair to a developer conference. Google announced its new version of Android well ahead of the show, which is literally better for developers than announcing it there. I get that people live for the unspoiled big unveil these days in technology, but Google seems more interested in getting Android into the hands of developers as soon as it can as opposed to making timed technology theater of core products. Oh, and they didn't really give any stuff away, which at this point is probably sending a message to those who might have started attending for swag over substance.

That said, many developers at the show this year complained of very limited seating in a large number of sessions - leading to missed learning opportunities - and one sentiment I've seen echoed is that "remote" attendance this year likely maximized your ability to get in on the content. Though, the remote session videos are available for anyone, any time, and the event itself is still a unique and interesting affair in person. The venue switch to Mountain View made for interesting logistics for a lot of people - and more than a few sunburns - but overall I personally found it worlds better than Moscone - there's something uber-cool about a keynote in a giant outdoor amphitheater typically used for concerts.

Google I/O 2016 was a big platform event for Google, one that showcased the increased integration of Android, Chrome, and Search - changes that seem to be on a path toward a larger goal. Just because we didn't see a new Nexus phone or major changes to Android itself (since that already happened) doesn't mean I/O was somehow a letdown. I/O was just as good as about any year, and while shade may have been in short supply at Shoreline, there certainly wasn't a lack of announcements and news - you just had to know where to look and listen.

Check out our io2016 tag on the site for all of our I/O coverage. Also be on the lookout for Mark's thoughts on the show, which you'll find on our YouTube channel tomorrow morning!