Remember Gello, that neat Android browser based on Chromium code that was teased by the CyanogenMod developer team a little less than a year ago? It looks like the app is finally finished, or at least ready to make a version 1.0 debut. Joey Rizzoli, the CM developer who teased Gello last July, says that it's ready to go and that managers can begin to incorporate Gello into nightly builds. The browser will be added by the individuals or teams of developers responsible for upkeep on each CyanogenMod device build, so Gello may or may not be immediately on your device's nightly release.

Though it's based on the same open source code as Chrome, Gello includes a ton of mobile-focused features introduced by the CM team (and a good bit of which are inspired by competing browsers). Some of the highlights include a "save for offline" function, a desktop-style custom save dialog, easy bookmarks on the homescreen, multiple search engines, power-saving and night reading modes, a built-in ad blocker, and an "immersive" fullscreen option. Below is a video overview of the various features, but be aware that it's a year old - some of them may look a bit different in the final version.

Gello isn't available for general Android devices - it requires CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android 6.0) to function. But users too impatient to wait for the nightly device builds to catch up can compile it themselves or download a pre-built version from the CyanogenMod Jenkins server.