UE's smallest speaker, the ROLL, is 50 percent off right now at Best Buy and Amazon, dropping the price to $50. It packs impressive sound for its diminutive size and boasts 9 hours of battery life, a 65 foot Bluetooth Range, and an IPX7 rated waterproof body. Plus it has a marine-grade bungee cord attached to it that you can use to strap it to things. Gotta love a bungee cord.

Only the red and purple color options are available to ship at Best Buy, though more colors may be available for pickup at your local store. Amazon has the blue and red models marked down, but the others are still selling for full price. The ROLL came out in June last year, so it's possible that the sale is to clear house of old stock in preparation for a new model's launch (ahem), in which case inventory may be limited.

Cam loved the ROLL and gave it high praise in his review, and having spent some time with a ROLL myself, I agree wholeheartedly that it is one of the best speakers you can buy for $100. At $50 it is even easier to recommend. In fact, since they are half off, you may consider picking up two so you can link them together using the UE ROLL companion app. Links for all available color options are below.

Best Buy

Red Roll

Purple Roll


Blue Roll

Red Roll

Good News And Bad News

The good news is that Best Buy now has all colors in stock online, the bad news is that the price went up to $69.99. However, there are still the two colors available on Amazon for $50, so not all is lost! Carry on.