Google's Daydram VR platform is coming this fall, and YouTube will be front and center when it launches. Google mentioned YouTube VR content in the keynote, but we didn't know if it would be VR content in the existing app or a new one entirely. Now we know it'll be a full YouTube VR app.

The image above is a mockup of what the app will look like when it's complete. It will include similar features to what you get in the regular YouTube app like voice search, discovery, and playlists. It won't only be VR content, though. YouTube VR will include all the standard videos in addition to VR 3D and 360-degree stuff. Presumably it'll have a cinematic player UI for standard videos like other VR systems.

YouTube plans to work with the likes of the NBA, BuzzFeed, and Tastemade to get more VR content ready for the launch. Those big Jump camera rigs will also be made available at YouTube Space locations soon. So, hopefully there will be lots of neat stuff to watch in VR later this year.