Opera and all of its entities have always been red. That's part the company's logo and visual identity, so it's quite interesting that the latest update to Opera Mini's beta app has added colored themes, allowing you to change the tone and look of the app to suit your preference.

The theme pop-up will show the first time you launch the app, but it can also be found under Settings > Theme. Six colors are available to choose from, including Opera's famous red as well as green, blue, purple, grey-blue, and black. All colors are very Material Design-inspired or friendly if you will, being bold but not excessively so.

Once chosen, the theme color overtakes many elements inside the app, including the title bar and notification bar, the data savings section, the tab switcher, and various menu and tab headers.

opera-mini-beta-theme-1 opera-mini-beta-theme-2 opera-mini-beta-theme-3

Whether this means that Opera's new owners are ready to break with Opera's identity or that the team just wants to give its users more choice remains to be seen. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.


- UI themes
- Extreme mode video player improvements

Opera Mini browser beta
Opera Mini browser beta
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