Joaomgcd hates touching his phone. At least that's what I think the drive behind all of these apps he keeps developing and improving is. He's truly the man who wants to make automation as attainable of a goal as possible, and to that extent, he has built apps like AutoNotification and AutoInput that allow you to create plenty of new actions that the famous Tasker app can make use of in its automation profiles.

Joao has been working on AutoNotification and AutoInput to add plenty of new features enabled by the additional APIs brought in Android N. AutoNotification is getting custom Quick Settings tiles (feature explanation) and Quick Reply in notifications and Notification Groups (feature explanation). AutoInput is getting full range of control over simulated screen interactions, going as far as 10 different fingers.

joao-autonotification-1 joao-autonotification-2 joao-autoinput-1

Custom tiles (left), Quick Reply (middle), AutoInput gestures (right)

Joao has plenty of videos to demo some example use cases of each of these new capabilities on his site. In order to test them for yourself though, you'll need to manually grab the APKs from his site too, because he can't yet upload them to the Play Store (N-level API isn't yet open for publishing).