Whenever we meet new and interesting people, we always try to save their contact details so we can get in touch with them later and build bridges for a better relationship. However, it's also often the case that our address book becomes cluttered with random names with no context that we fail to remember or place or correctly. Seriously, who the heck is "Jim"?

I use Groups to keep things clear in my 900+ contact list, and parenthesis with a small description whenever necessary as well. But IFTTT is trying a different and more seamless approach to contact management. There's a new Google Contacts channel on the automation service's site. By enabling it, you open up the door to several recipes like marking a new contact addition on the calendar (this is when you met them), adding them to a spreadsheet (as a big contact database), saving them to Evernote (for contacts belonging to a certain group), syncing between iOS contacts and Google Contacts, and more.

IFTTT keeps getting better and better and this is another reason to use the service and its Android app, and benefit from its automation recipes.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free