Google's Daydream Virtual Reality platform was announced a couple of days ago at I/O. In it, Google detailed its plan to release specifications for OEMs to make Daydream-certified phones, as well as a reference design for a Daydream VR headset and controller that OEMs can use to build their own offerings.

What wasn't announced though is whether Google would release its own Google-branded Daydream VR headset. According to Recode and a talk it had with Google's VR head Clay Bavor, the answer is yes. The company won't just be a Daydream partner who provides reference designs, it'll also build a headset (and controller?) itself. This is probably the same situation as Cardboard right now: Google has its own units, it provides the plans to build your own, and it also has partners selling their own designs.

That should quell your fears if your blood runs Nexus and you completely abhor the idea of owning a Samsung or LG branded accessory for example. Whenever Google's headset is made available, you should probably expect it to go on sale on the Google Store. But there's no word on when exactly that is and obviously we don't know the pricing or any other details either.