Google's MODE watchbands launched about a month ago, but they're expensive at $50-60. Now you can get one a little cheaper if you were on the fence. Google is running a promotion in the Google Store for 20% off a single MODE band. Before you get too excited, this is US only. Sorry, everyone else.

MODE bands come in silicone and leather varieties priced at $50 and $60, respectively. They have a clip system that makes it quick and easy to swap them out for other MODE bands. They will fit on any watch that uses standard lugs, which is most Android Wear watches.

This promotion runs through June 20th. Just use the code 20WEARMODE at checkout to get the discount. That brings the price down to about $49 for leather and $40 for silicone. You can only use the code once, so be cautious. MODE bands are available from a few other retailers, but they haven't dropped prices to match as of yet.