After Lollipop 5.1's groundbreaking introduction of a new Android Beam icon and default Android Bugdroid icon, and Marshmallow's unforgettable contribution of a new Bluetooth icon, N is ready to carry the torch forward by making a significant change of its own to our favorite operating system: in the latest Developer Preview 3, the Android System icon is brand spanking new.

As a refresher, here is what that icon has looked like since the Gingerbread (and maybe earlier) days in the battery usage screen: a metallic knob with a smaller knob below it, and some green border for it all. You're not alone, I don't get it either.

android-system-icon-old-1 android-system-icon-old-2

That was one of the last relics of the pre-Material Design days, a historical piece of graphics that clung onto dear life through the Holo revolution and stood strong as time passed and MD rolled over and swept everything in its way in Lollipop and then Marshmallow. That feat of resistance deserves recognition and applause, even if eventually, it was futile.

MD has finally gotten to that icon. It bulldozed the metallic shine out of it and replaced it with a nifty white on green gear with simple shadows. Shhhhh nobody tell Google it looks almost exactly like Udoo's Download icon.

android-system-icon-new-1 android-system-icon-new-2

Oh the sweet taste of modern design. Let's just take a minute of silence to mourn the loss of our dearly departed metallic button knob thing. You died with your head held high, having survived the MD apocalypse like a true champion.

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  • Matt,
  • Mustafa Selcuk Ozturk