With Google's annual developer conference going on, the company is pumping out news about developing things. Makes sense, I guess.

Google's online office suite is not going untouched. The company is pushing new APIs that allow app makers to integrate more closely with Sheets and Slides. One enables developers to export data directly to Sheets, let users make edits, and then import those changes back into the app.

This functionality is available today, and you can get started at developers.google.com/sheets.

The Slides API can push charts into slides using data compiled in a separate app. Unlike Sheets, this API isn't ready just yet. Google says you can expect a release in the coming months and sign up at developers.google.com/slides for early access.

Sheets and Slides both see heavy use in classrooms. On that note, Google is pushing one more API. The company previously launched a way for developers to integrate their apps with Google Classroom. Now it's pushing deeper integration.

Example uses of the Classroom API includes coursework endpoints which enable developers to access assignments and grades, plus the ability to load and store information in Drive. Check out developers.google.com/classroom to get started, and hit up the source links for more details.