While Google I/O is all the rage on our side of the internetz, another conference is taking place that is probably a lot less exciting for us: INTX, the Internet and Television Expo. But one interesting nugget has escaped INTX and found its place on our radar as Android users and it's about Comcast, of all evil companies and things.

Last month, Comcast had announced the Xfinity TV Partner program, an initiative aimed to make the Xfinity TV app available to smart TVs, and TV-connected and IP-enabled devices (read: other set-top boxes) without the requirement for a Comcast set-top box. Think of this as Comcast wanting to be Netflix'ish, ie available to you through an app and with a subscription, no need to call the company and lease a physical box from it.

The program's launch partner was Samsung, which will implement Xfinity TV in its smart televisions, but more companies have shown their interest, including Roku. At INTX, Comcast is showing Xfinity TV running on a Samsung Smart TV, a Roku 4, and an Nvidia Shield TV. Wait what?

Yes. Apparently, Comcast already has a working version of its Xfinity TV app for Android TV. What does that mean? Nothing yet. It could be that the Xfinity TV app will come to all Android TV units, it could be that it's released as a Shield TV exclusive, and it could be a work in progress that gets scraped off in a few days or weeks.

An Nvidia rep offered this official comment, which I dare say is slightly optimistic if you want Comcast but you don't care about their set-top box leasing scheme:

Comcast is demoing their Xfinity app running on SHIELD at INTX 2016. We’re working with Comcast but have nothing to announce at this time.

Keyword: "at this time." Hopefully they'll have something to announce later on.