The past year has been good for Android. As Google likes to do during each of its annual developer conferences, it happily boasted about a few numbers. Engineering Vice President Dave Burke appeared happy to give the news.

Companies launched over 600 phones in the past year. During this time, Android users installed apps over 65 billion times.

With Android expanding to more devices, that's not where the figures stop. There are now 12 partner brands for Android Wear, including non-techy names like Tag Heuer and Michael Kors. The days of being stuck with plastic products from LG and Samsung are over.

More than 100 car models and aftermarket car stereos have launched, with 100 more set to come before the end of the year.

The company didn't brag about active users this time around, probably because the market is already so saturated with Android devices. With Google expanding into the home and virtual reality, look for a different set of numbers to roll out during I/O 2017.