Feeling Nvious? I Nderstand. But I have to warn you: with Google I/O kicking off in a few hours, you'll bet that we'll hear more about N than we have in the past months and your situation is only going to get more Nsufferable.

If you're rooted though and you have flashed Xposed onto your device, there's something Nteresting for you to try. Android N-ify is a module you can grab for your Lollipop and Marshmallow device to make it look and feel a little more like N. The module has been available since March, and has been getting different updates to add more features with time. Here's the changelog if you want to see what you're getting Nto.

android-nify-1 android-nify-4

As it stands, Android N-ify overhauls the look of your notification bar and drop-down, your quick settings tiles and settings app, and your recents. It doesn't stop at shallow UI Nhancements though, it also lets you switch to your last app with a double tap of the recents button or switch between the recent apps, alt-tab style.

android-nify-2 android-nify-3

However, this is still a work in progress, so you should expect some bugs and keep in mind that the list of planned features is much longer than the Nplemented ones. The developer plans to add Night Mode, Doze mode when the device is moving, the navigation drawer in Settings, and emergency info on the lockscreen.

If you have an Android device that is Nlikely to get N, you can head over to the XDA thread below to read all about this Xposed module, send your feedback, check the GitHub, and maybe participate N it.

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