I had a quick sit-down with leads on the Android TV and Google Cast team today, and while it's not exactly a huge deal, one of Android TV's oddly lacking features came up: app star ratings and reviews. They don't exist on Android TV.

Well, unsurprisingly, the Android TV team is very much aware of this. Sascha Prüter, Program Manager of Android TV, confirmed that Google is working on the feature, and that challenges on implementation in the area of user experience have been the hold-up. Admittedly, that does seem like a good reason - how are Android TV users, especially those not in the habit of using their phone as a remote, going to input text in an app review? The on-screen keyboard is a torturous input method, so it's easy to see why Google might be hesitating here.

While Google declined to elaborate on exactly how and when we could expect said app ratings and reviews on Android TV, it was clear that it is coming - hopefully sooner rather than later.