Do you like Android device porn? We sure do. We love it when phones and tablets shed their outer shells and splatter all their naughty bits for us to gawk at and drool over. It's innocent fun and we learn a thing or two about smartphone anatomy that they don't teach us at school. The most educational gadget porn providers are iFixit: they don't just show you what's lodged inside your favorite gadgets, they also teach you how to get to the important bits in case you need to fix them. They're like the physiology professors of techies.

The latest device to pass under iFixit's scalpel is the Pixel C, Google's most recent and most awesome tablet. Unfortunately, the Pixel C hides all of its goodies under thick and gooey adhesive so you'll need some heating and heavy duty suction (that pun would have been awesome in the first paragraph!) to lift the screen off.

Underneath it are 17 magnets that are used to keep the keyboard attached to the tablet when you're using it. There's also a smorgasbord of modular elements that are any repairman's dream because you can easily change one of them without affecting the others. But the dream is short-lived as the motherboard is glued in place.

All of that glue is why the Pixel C gets a repairability score of 4/10 by iFixit. There's more to the story though and plenty of photos to enjoy over on their page so make sure you check that out.