It seems that when Artem complains, things get done. Recently, our esteemed leader posted on his personal account about the mentions feature of Google+ and how awful he found it. Less than a fortnight later and Googler Luke Wroblewski has announced a new update for the Web Preview, which includes improvements to mentions, along with a new feature - polls.

What's New:

  • 79 bug fixes
  • 8 accessibility issues addressed
  • Ability to create polls
  • Ongoing improvements to +mentions (more coming)
  • About information always visible on Communities on small screens

Neither Artem nor I have the update yet, so the improved mentions cannot be tested, but they can't be worse than when Artem posted earlier this month. The polls feature, meanwhile, gives the ability to create a poll with multiple choices and images.

In other improvements, the 'About' text for a community will now be shown on small screens, and 79 bugs have been squashed, along with 8 accessibility issues addressed. Keep in mind this is the web version of Google+ and not the mobile app, so there's no downloading to be done here - only waiting until the update wave reaches your computer.