A new version of Android is on the way, but Google isn't announcing a name at Google I/O. All throughout the keynote, the next release continues to go by Android N.

That's set to change in the fall when the update starts appearing on new devices. But before then, Google needs to come up with a name.

There's a decent chance the company already has a name or two in mind, but it wants to know what users would find tasty. To figure this out, Google sought the services of Professional Naming, Inc.

Who better to tell you about the experience than CEO John Smith?


Neyyappam, New York Cheesecake, nacho, nut brittle, nashi pear, navel orange, and noodle are all featured in the video.

Nonetheless, Google is turning to you to come up with more ideas, as CEO Sundar Pichai previously said it might. You can submit your own name at android.com/n.

Whatever you do, please don't suggest Narshmallow or Nutcho. Both are terrible ideas.