Amazon Echo is about to have company. As the New York Times reported, Google has a competing device in the works, and it has the full weight of the search giant's natural language processing behind it. If you haven't already heard the name, you could probably take a guess. It's Google Home.

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Google Home is the first hardware announcement of the Google I/O keynote. The design isn't all that different from what Echo has us accustomed to. Google's product is a cylindrical device, with a white top and a speaker base.

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The goal is for Google Home to serve as the music and entertainment hub in your home, one that manages other speakers and TVs via Google Cast.

This is Google's big push into home automation. Home will also control alarms, lights, and Nest products. Other tasks are in the works. Using Google Assistant, Home will be able to answer detailed and conversational questions.

Google hasn't provided a firm date, but the product will be available before the end of this year. You can sign up for future information at