Psssssst. You, yeah you. I know you're waiting for Google I/O to start and you're impatiently twiddling your thumb, unlocking and relocking your phone to see if YouTube is about to notify you of the livestream, and maybe staring at your Android Wear watch every two minutes to see what time it is. I've got something for you though: a deal on an ASUS OnHub.

What is that? This isn't as exciting as I/O?! How dare you? Seriously, how would you even watch I/O keynotes or read Android Police or download the latest N image if you don't have a nice router you can connect to the internet with? See, now you get my point.

One of the best routers you can grab is the ASUS OnHub. Thanks to an Android app that lets you control everything, very decent specs, and frequent firmware updates, the OnHub should be on the top of your router want list. And now you can grab it for $50 less than its original price of $200. This is by far the best discount we've ever seen on the OnHub: the previous one was at $180 and we still dared to call it a deal. At $150, it's unequivocally one.

Best Buy is the one discounting the OnHub so that's where you should head if you want a unit. Free shipping is available too, to save you a few more bucks.

Amazon has matched the same $149.99 price.