The music discovery app SoundHound has introduced its own voice control feature, which is triggered by "OK Hound." This means SoundHound can be used hands-free in the car or at a party when a cool song comes on and you want to impress your friends with your music knowledge. However, it only works when the device is awake and SoundHound is open.

Now go Hands-Free with “OK Hound…” Use your voice to search, discover, and play!
Find that song you’re trying to identify, hands-free, in the car, on the go, or at home, discover new information about an artist, play full tracks, or add it to a playlist.
- To identify a song playing on the radio, just say “OK Hound, what song is playing?”
- To discover more about your favorite artist, say “OK Hound, what is Rihanna’s latest song?”
- To play a song, simply say, “OK Hound, play Hello by Adele.”

The commands run the gamut from simple ("OK Hound... what is this song?" and "OK Hound... play Dead and Gone by Justin Timberlake"), to "deeper knowledge" queries, such as finding out an artist's latest songs ("OK Hound... show me deadmau5's latest song"). You can also ask the app to tell you what songs are the most popular that day, add a song to a Spotify playlist, start a Pandora station, or find a music video on YouTube.

In my testing, the feature worked well, picking up the "OK Hound" command every time I tried. The update is live on the Play Store now, or you can get the APK from APK Mirror.