Motorola has been selling flagship devices under the Moto X brand since 2013, but the time has come to move on, according to VentureBeat. Lenovo is allegedly moving on two whole letters in the alphabet to "Z." So, this year Motorola might be pushing the Moto Z instead of the Moto X.

Based on the last leak, Motorola is prepping two high-end devices. At the time, we assumed they'd be Moto X phones still. Evan Blass, whom you may know as @evleaks, says they'll both be Moto Z phones. What's more, the Verizon Droid variants are getting a change too. The Turbo and Maxx names are going away in favor of "Droid Edition." That would make the Verizon Motorola phone something along the lines of "Moto Z Droid Edition." The modular attachments rumored for the Moto X/Z may also be getting a preemptive name change. After being internally known as Amps, they may be marketed as "MotoMods."

The name change won't have an impact on the product, but it would be another example of Lenovo's "Moto" distancing itself from Google's "Motorola." The new Moto phones are expected to be announced on June 9th at Lenovo Tech World.