Just a few weeks ago it looked like Fenix for Twitter was dead after the developer ran out of Twitter auth tokens. Then a wonderful thing happened—Twitter decided to work with developers like Fenix's Matteo Villa so their apps don't die after running out of tokens. Fenix is back, and the latest update adds a feature called Peek, which kind of, sort of looks like 3D Touch. It's really just a long-press, though.

Here's the full changelog for Fenix v1.8.

  • From your timeline, you can now quickly peek user profiles, images, GIFs and Vine videos using a long press
  • Added small image preview in tweet replies
  • The app now correctly handles external Twitter search links (in the form of http://twitter.com/search?q=)
  • Fixed images disappearing in user profile after device orientation
  • Fixed crashes when scrolling through the list of images of a user
  • Fixed crashes when switching accounts from the app left drawer

Peeking is obviously the big change here. Comparisons to 3D Touch are inevitable as the functionality is superficially alike. You can long-press on an image, video, or profile image to get a pop up preview of it without leaving the timeline. When you let go, the preview disappears. Apple does similar things with 3D Touch, except it's triggered by pressing harder, not longer.

The updated version is live in the Play Store. With all the token issues worked out, even new users can join the not-3D Touch fun.

Fenix for Twitter
Fenix for Twitter
Developer: mvilla
Price: $3.49