Google posted at least some of the events and sessions for developers to check out at the Google I/O trade conference already. It looks like the Big G wasn't quite finished ironing out the details, because several new sessions have been added to the official website as of today. Here are a few of them that are particularly relevant to Android:

Some of the above office hours are doubled up on Day 3 as well. There are also a wide selection of "After Hours" events added to Day 2 (May 19th), which are essentially a combination of social mixers and fun demonstrations. One in particular, "After Hours: Phantogeist with AR gameplay and Project Tango," says that attendees will "use your Project Tango device as a special scanner to defend yourself and Earth from the creatures by zapping them." That might mean that Google I/O's giveaway hardware could include a Project Tango tablet this year... or it means that they'll be provided at the event, or that attendees will be expected to bring their own.

We'll find out soon enough. Google I/O takes place in Mountain View California from May 18-20.