Have you ever wanted to stream the videos you see on Facebook directly to your television? No? Well who could blame you, since most of them are either inane junk from your high school friends or comedy videos blatantly stolen from YouTube and then stickered to hell like a race car in a fire sale. But if for some awful reason you DO want to stream videos from Facebook to Chromecast, such as trying to get rid of all of your roommates really quickly, you'll soon be able to do so. Probably.

An Android Police reader named Caio sent us screenshots of Facebook's default mobile video tool with an embedded Chromecast icon. When he pressed it, his Chromecast appeared to be preparing to stream the video... but then remained on a Facebook-branded loading page indefinitely. Caio was using a beta version of the primary Facebook app somewhere in Brazil, and we haven't been able to replicate his results, but other readers have. Expanded video capabilities would be in line with Facebook's latest mobile efforts. Facebook Live, a live-streaming service meant to compete with the likes of Periscope, came out several months ago. Latter releases of the Facebook app suggest that it's coming to mobile sooner rather than later.

nexus2cee_screenshot_20160513-104430 nexus2cee_screenshot_20160513-104947


To be clear, this is the Facebook app, not the mobile website, where Chrome can detect an HTML-based video and stream it to a Chromecast with no issues. That said, it seems to be popping up for only a tiny minority of Facebook users at the moment. We'll see how long it takes the feature to roll out to everyone.