Verizon has been tweaking its plans recently to compete with the low-cost carriers like T-Mobile, and now that includes its prepaid offerings too. Verizon's new prepaid plans are cheaper, have a bit more data, and includes calling to more places. They go into effect on May 15th.

Verizon has provided this handy little chart below to outline the deal. For $30 per month you can use a smartphone with no mobile data, just calling and SMS. For $45, you get 2GB of data and unlimited texts to the US, Canada, and Mexico. For $60 per month, the data goes up to 5GB and you get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada too. All the plans come with unlimited calling in the US. You won't get any tethering data, though.

2016-05-13 11_01_29-Get more data and the latest phones on America’s best network

Verizon is pushing the higher data buckets you see on the table, which you only get if you also have auto-payment turned on. It's an extra gigabyte per month. Not a bad deal. These plans were available previously as promo pricing, but they are the only plans Verizon will offer going forward.