The unlocked HTC 10 is just starting to show up on doorsteps, and HTC has an update ready to go. The OTA started rolling out a few days ago, but now there's also a full RUU for manual flashing. HTC only lists this as a bug fix update, but the changelog includes more detail.

The OTA is almost 400MB and will include camera improvements, WiFi stability enhancements, and better general system stability. It only takes a few minutes to update, but I should note updating my review unit caused the phone to lose its default home screen. It just showed an HTC logo on a blank display until I went into settings to select one. Hopefully that's not common.

2016-05-13 17.22.28

That should appear on your device soon if it hasn't already. However, there's also the new RUU for manual updates over USB if the OTA isn't found. This is a 1.6GB download and unlike the OTA, it will delete all the data on your device.