Samsung is always trying to make waves with its publicity stunts and outrageous ideas. This latest one though is fin-tastic. The company actually built a surfboard with a hidden Galaxy S7 drawer and LED lights for professional surfer Gabriel Medina to tide him over while he's facing the waves alone and away from his coach and fans.

The Galaxy Surfboard lights up with live conditions of the sea, like wind directions, height and speed of the waves, and pops up messages from his coach so he can stay on board with his training plan. The idea might seem like it came out of the bottom of the barrel, but it's actually pretty cool, even if it is a special one-time thing for Medina. The most ridiculous aspect though is receiving messages from fans while surfing: do you really want your wave hello to end up causing your favorite surfer to lose focus? Shore not.

If you sea what I did there or if you don't, you should still surf over to YouTube and check the video below. It's 3 minutes long, but worth the ride.